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Our Goal at Arcadia

is to earn your loved one’s trust through personalized care in a purposeful and joyful boutique-style senior community. Our staff encourages independence, while offering top rated amenities and activities in support of each resident’s lifestyle. 

At Arcadia Senior Living, our staff is about building a positive and caring community for seniors who are seeking an active retirement community that is focuses on joyful and purposeful living. We are nimble, transparent, and offer personalized levels of care in a boutique-style assisted living setting that boasts high-quality dining, fitness/wellness programming, activities and outings, and community spaces for residents and guests.

At our core, we’re about listening. We are committed to the notion that we live inside our resident’s community – not the other way around. 

We are an assisted living community focused on quality care, purpose and happiness.

Numbers speak for themselves

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People 65+ in the US today
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Highest % of people 85+

You trust our staff to care for the most important people in your life – we take this seriously

Established in 2017, Arcadia Senior Living is a locally owned and operated Assisting Senior Living community focused on quality care, happy residents and purposeful living. Our team of healthcare professionals determines a care plan for each resident which is personalized to meet each resident’s unique needs. We understand how complicated and difficult a large transition can be and our staff is trained to inform and support a new resident’s entire family during this process. We believe in transparency and openly post services which have additional costs, update families on continuing evaluations of residents, and provide activities and programming designed to keep residents active and healthy.

The first thing we do, when a prospective resident comes through the door is to listen to his/her care needs and verify we can meet or exceeded them. Quality care is our priority and through our assessment process we make sure our abilities and amenities meet each client’s needs.

We're assisted living personalized for each resident