About Arcadia Senior Living

Welcome to Arcadia Senior Living

Arcadia Senior Living is a locally owned and operated senior living community focused on personalized care, purposeful living, and happy residents. Our team of healthcare professionals create  customized care plans for each resident’s unique needs and preferences. We understand how difficult a transition can be. Our team is trained to inform, guide,  and support each new resident’s entire family during this process. 

**Proud member of CARE -Coalition for Active Resident Engagement

The Arcadia Senior Living Team Values:


When a prospective resident comes through our door, the first thing we do is to actively listen to their care needs. Quality care is our priority, through our assessment process we ensure that our abilities and amenities meet each residents needs and preferences.


Whether it’s saving the world or finally finishing that game of chess with your favorite player, living with purpose is what we strive for here. Finding, developing and encouraging the passion projects of our residents is a daily pursuit at Arcadia.


Our interactions, activities, hospitality services, excursions, and programs are designed to bring a deeper level of joy of everyday life. From our delectable meals, exercise or balance class,, shopping and lunch with your neighbors, Friday Happy Hour, or just relaxing in your freshly cleaned apartment, there is always something to feel good about Arcadia Senior Living.

Our Specialties - Your Choice

Our residents have choices throughout their day at Arcadia Senior Living... from choosing between activities, deciding whether to have a visit with your family at the community or head to the beach, down to selecting which meal your in the mood for from our 20+ item menu -- Life at Arcadia is full of options!

Elderly couple on couch with smiles drinking from mugs
Personalized Care

We focus on both holistic wellness and well-being for our residents. This approach assists in aiding in a continued healthy lifestyle at Arcadia Senior Living.  Each of us has our own preferences,  personality, and  individual needs. This is why Arcadia attentively manages residents services to create a home-like atmosphere for each individual resident within our community.

Senior Living Your Way

Our apartments all include access to licensed nurses available 24/7, housekeeping staff,  concierge style reception, care staff, our chefs and dining personnel, onsite maintenance, life enrichment, and administrative team members in addition to the list of included amenities and services. We cater our services to the desires of our residents. We ask for feedback often and utilize that information to continuously elevate Arcadia Senior Livings’ service platforms and offerings.  As our residents  incorporate new tastes and styles so do we. Their happiness is our goal.

Diabetes Management

Daily life can be  challenging for those living with diabetes. The care needs to manage diabetes varies greatly from person-to-person. We specialize in diabetic care and understand that our residents care plans need to reflect the specific variants for each individual resident to aid in managing their diabetes. We are trained in all levels including sliding scale diabetes.

green salad mixture featuring feta cheese and tomatoes
Chef-Prepared Menu Items

We have to admit it. Our  food is really good! Although it is hard to please any palette 90 plus times a month (3 meals daily, snacks, and appetizers) we do a pretty darn good job at it. Our residents enjoy fresh ingredients in their chef-prepared meals with over 21 items to choose from per meal! They enjoy restaurant-style dining in a  beautifully wood crafted vaulted large dining room. setting. We create our always -fresh menus weekly along with a alternative menu for residents with dietary restrictions. 

Download our Assisted Living Transition Guide

Arcadia Senior Living compiled an Assisted Living Transition Guide to help guide families through moving into a senior living community. We believe in being an advocate to assist others and we are here to serve our local seniors..