Life at Arcadia

Life at Arcadia


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Life at Arcadia Senior Living

Take a video tour or get a glimpse of life at Arcadia via our top-five favorite features video of our one-bedroom model home.

Floor Plans

From studio to two-bedroom, there are many options at Arcadia. Tour our one-bedroom model apartment today.

Creating Place & Downsizing

Our residents make their apartments their own. We can help.

Daily Activities & Excursions

The Arcadia monthly calendar is full of daily activities, excursions, and events.

Chef Prepared Meals

Our dining hall features restaurant-style menus and alternatives for dietary restrictions. Servers take our resident's custom orders at each meal.

Floor Plans

One Bedroom
Unit A – 532 SQ FT
Unit B – 586 SQ FT
Unit C – 589 SQ FT
Unit D – 750 SQ FT
Unit E – 691 SQ FT
Unit F – 645 SQ FT

Unit G – 350 SQ FT

Two Bedroom
Unit H – 904 SQ FT


Model Apartment Quick View

Creating Space & Downsizing

Although some seniors see downsizing as lightening their load, others find the process excruciating. They may be emotionally attached to some (or all) of their possessions and they might feel overwhelmed by having to decide what they should bring to assisted living and what should they sell or give away. The key to making downsizing as stress-free as possible is to start the process early—at least a couple of weeks, if not months, before the move—to allow for enough time to sort through every item. Remember that the sorting process will bring up memories and emotions in your parents, so it’s best not to rush it. 

Our Top Five Favorite Features of our One Bedroom Model Apartment

Activities and Excursions

Each resident has the choice to participate in a wide range of activities, excursions and events at Arcadia Senior Living. Weekly trips to the grocery store, vintage shops, and group games like bingo top the list of favorites for our residents.

Residents Enjoy

Our activity calendar is full of engaging and interesting activities our seniors look forward to. From Bingo to crafts, from cookie making to meditation class, there is something for everyone at Arcadia.

Our seniors board a specialized bus for routine visits to the grocery story, local resale shops and happy hours at local restaurants/bars. We also plan special excursions to the beach, the sternwheeler and to ilani casino.

We celebrate every major holiday at Arcadia. Our residents enjoy a 4th of July BBQ, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas activities/events.

Our staff and residents take part in a wide variety of events each year. We welcome community performers, singers, and comedians into Arcadia as well as operate fundraisers for the charities our residents are passionate about.

We get behind causes our residents care about. In 2019 our residents organized a community car wash and partnered with the local high school. They raised over $1,000 for Parkinson research and participated in the fun run/walk.

Photos from our Hawaiian Luau Event

Photos from our Hawaiian Luau Event

Chef-Prepared Meals

Order up

We’re not a “cafeteria style” assisted living facility. Our dining space is elegant with high ceilings and natural light – life at Arcadia is good. Every table has a server who takes each resident’s order at each meal. Our residents have the choice to order off a fresh weekly-released menu or they can select from a large alternative menu. Meal service can be delivered to individual apartments as well.  

Our Restaurant-Style Kitchen

We’re passionate about nutrition and providing the opportunity for our residents to connect over a quality meal. Special alternatives are prepared and/or coordinated for those in the diabetes program or residents that have allergies. 

Stainless steel industrial prep kitchen at Arcadia Senior Living