Where to begin with assisted living


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Is It Time To Transition into Assisted Living?

Evaluating Care Needs

Are you looking for where to begin with assisted living? Are you facing questions like, is it time? Do you understand the levels of care that exist out there? We'll openly share our knowledge with you and your family.

Things to Watch For

The major pitfalls for consumers to consider. We list the industry issues that you should keep an eye on.

Important Conversations

How to start, who should be included, and trial options that could ease your way into assisted living.

The Transition into Assisted Living

Moving into an assisted living community is a bit change, we designed a free resource to get you started.

The Cost

Each resident is unique and the combination of base rent and care points equals each resident's monthly costs.


A list of Arcadia Senior Living's most asked questions and answers for your review.​

Evaluating Care Needs

Are considering Assisted Living for yourself or a loved one? Arcadia Senior Living is an assisted living community for individuals and/or couples who value their independence, but also require a safe, low-stress environment with a 24-hour licensed nurse on call. Each family is unique and during our resident assessment we’ll cover a wide range of care options to personalize a care plan for your loved one.

Consider this, if you or your loved one is physically stressed from house or yard duties, struggle to maintain laundry and shopping chores, chooses isolation over socializing with family and friends and participating in their hobbies they once loved; it might be time for assisted living. Signs of urgency might include issues with personal hygiene, incontinence, medication management, skipped meals or unpaid bills, or a struggle moving safely around the home (falls, stairs, tricky steps or pathways inside or outside the home). 

Things to Watch For

While we focus on positive living at Arcadia Senior Living, we think families should have watchful eye on a number of industry topics. We believe in sharing knowledge and helping families navigate the senior living landscape. Take the time to review these links and resources.

Three Pitfalls to Watch For When Selecting an Assisted Living Facility

Placement agents, slick marketing tricks and...


Knowing where to start the assisted living conversation can be tricky.  We suggest you being research prior to the ER visit that prompts many admissions into assisted living facilities. Examine your options against the level of care your loved one needs and tour communities that make your top ten list. Remember… 

It takes a village – Include your loved ones in the research phase of the transition into an assisted living facility. Reach out to siblings and other family members (that make sense) to participate in the conversation.   

Trial – If you’re facing resistance, consider a 15-30 day trial respite stay. These temporary stays are extremely useful if you face a gap in coverage from an in-home caregiver. Respite stays take place in a fully furnished apartment and seniors get access to all the amenities, activities, excursions and services Arcadia Senior Living offers. 

Keep Swimming – Typically a decision to move into assisted living doesn’t happen overnight. Start the conversation slowly and include your loved one’s network. Life doesn’t stop at Arcadia, we have the structure to take care of all the physically rigorous requirements of life, leaving your loved one with time to reconnect with their hobbies, friends, and purpose. 

Arcadia's Six Family-Oriented Assisted Living Talking Points

Arcadia staff is here to help in the discussion

Important Information to Review

DHS State Resource

The DHS Oregon Consumer Guide to choosing an assisted living or residential care facility in Oregon

Guide to Understanding Care

The ADRC of Oregon's Assisted Living Info Page

Eldercare Locator for PDX

Results for reputable information and assistance for Portland, Oregon.

The Transition

Arcadia staff is trained to help you and your loved one through the transition period into Assisted Living. We can help at every step. 

There’s no doubt about it— when it comes to stressful life events, moving is almost always at the top at the list at any age. Even though the move make sense in terms of safety and security, many older adults feel grief about moving from a much-loved home and neighborhood into an unfamiliar environment. We’ve compiled helpful talking points, pre move in checklists and a recommend items (room-by-room) to help you and your family through the transition period.  

Download this four-page Transition Guide for the Assisted Living Move.

The Cost of Assisted Living

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of seniors won't be to afford assisted living

The team at Arcadia Senior Living can help answer your questions about the cost of assisted living. Our monthly rate is a combination of base rent and the care points associated with the needs of your loved one. Every care plan is personalized at Arcadia Senior Living and we assess each resident’s needs. We can help with:

  • Financial coaching
  • Having difficult conversations about resources
  • Make referrals to elder law attorneys 
  • Provide you additional resources that meet your unique needs

Elder Law Attorney

If you're looking for an elder law specialist, Arcadia Senior Living has worked with Megan Fuhrer. She specializes in medicaid eligibility, estate recovery, long term care planning, estate planning, probate and trust administration.

Frequently asked questions

No, Arcadia Senior Living does not take medicare or medicaid to cover assisted living costs. 

Arcadia Senior Living staff will sit down with you and your family members to discuss the needed care of your loved one. We will also coordinate with other members of your healthcare team, like your primary care physician (PCP) or hospital support staff. 

No, Arcadia Senior Living does not provide memory care or pre memory care services.

Studios start at $3595. Total rent = base rent plus care costs (to be determined during assessment).

Arcadia Senior Living is a licensed assisted living facility with the State of Oregon and meets all the DHS requirements and state and federal laws. We are also HIPPA compliant and we’re members of area Chambers of Commerce.