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Is It Time To Transition into Assisted Living?

 Evaluating Care Needs

Are you looking for where to begin with assisted living?  We’ll openly share our expertise with you and your family.

 Important Conversations

How to start communication, who should be included, and options that could ease your way into assisted living.

 The Transition into Assisted Living

Moving into a senior living community is a bit change, we designed a free resource to get you started.



Arcadia Senior Living’s most asked questions and answers.​

Evaluating Care Needs

Are you considering Long Term Care for yourself or a loved one? Arcadia Senior Living is a   community for individuals and couples who value their independence, though may require assistance in a person-centered environment with 24-hour nursing staff available. Each family varies in needs and preferences, during the resident evaluation we’ll cover a broad range of options for personalized care plan for you or your loved one.

Are you or your loved one physically exhausted, having a difficult time getting dressed, struggling to keep up on day to day tasks or responsibilities, not participating in the things they once loved; it might be time for assisted living. Signs of urgency might include issues with personal hygiene, incontinence, medication management, skipped meals or unpaid bills, or a struggle moving safely around the home (falls, stairs, tricky steps or pathways inside or outside the home). 

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Things to Watch For

While we focus on providing a positive and engaging lifestyle at Arcadia Senior Living, we understand it can be hard to know what options are available to families. We believe in sharing knowledge that can navigate families through the senior living landscape. Take the time to review these links and resources.

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Knowing when to start the assisted living conversation can be tricky.  Examine your options ahead of time the level of care your loved one needs and tour communities that make your top ten list. Remember… 

Its a group effort – When possible include your loved ones in the research phase of assisted living facility.  Reach out to siblings and other family members to participate in the conversation.   

 Try it out – If you’re facing resistance, consider a 30 day trial respite stay. These temporary stays are extremely useful if you face a gap in coverage from an in-home caregiver. Respite stays take place in a fully furnished apartment and seniors get access to all the amenities, activities, excursions and services Arcadia Senior Living offers. 



Guide to Understanding Care

The ADRC of Oregon’s Assisted Living Info Page

The Transition

Moving can be overwhelming without help. Our staff is trained in helping our new beloved residents through the transition period into assisted living. We are here to assist and guide through the entire process. We’ve compiled some educational guides to assist you and your family through the transition period.  

Download this four-page Transition Guide for the Move into Long Term Care.

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The team at Arcadia Senior Living can help answer your questions about assisted living. Our monthly rate is a combination of base rent and the care points associated with the needs of your loved one. Every care plan is personalized at Arcadia Senior Living and we assess each resident’s needs. We can help with:

  • Financial Coaching
  • Moving Companies & Downsizing
  • Senior Resources & Guides 
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Getting a Local Physician

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can a resident move-in if there is an emergent situation?

We are able to move-in an new resident within 3 hours if we have signed physician (doctors) orders with all the needed medical information and medicines.

What does an evaluation entail?

An Arcadia Senior Living team member will sit down with you and your family members to discuss the needed care for your loved one. We will coordinate with other members of your healthcare team,  including  your primary care physician (PCP), specialist, rehab, or hospital support staff. 

What licensures does Arcadia have?

Arcadia Senior Living is a licensed assisted living facility with the State of Oregon and meets all the DHS requirements along with all state and federal laws governing Assisted Living.