Street View of Arcadia Community

Transitioning into a senior living community at Arcadia

What to expect in the first 24 hours at Arcadia Senior Living – Making Decisions

After a tour of our assisted living community, we listen to the care needs of our future residents and verify we can meet or exceeded the level of care they require – if you’re unsure of the level of care your loved one needs view our Levels of Care Article. Our new resident assessment begins with a care evaluation to determine the level of care needed. This evaluation is followed up with another assessment after the first 30-days and continues every 90-days to ensure needs are met for each resident. We keep family informed and included in any changes to the level of care needed by each senior in our community. 

Next, after the evaluation, the family has the information they need to review our rental agreement, include services, amenities (that are included in a rental agreement), and can examine the list of support services that require an additional cost. Then, we’re able to come up with an accurate cost projection. We welcome questions. Our staff is highly trained, and families often have questions that span financing a loved one’s stay, to how nurses assess the level of support services each resident needs.

A difference you’ll notice immediately is our belief in joyous and purposeful living. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach, rather a boutique-style approach to assisted living. We personalize care for each resident at Arcadia Senior Living. To fulfill our promise of creating a space filled with purpose and joy, we’ve created a gather place that is truly the heart of Arcadia – our dining room. This amazing space has natural light, high ceilings and our seniors eagerly anticipate high-quality chef-prepared meals and connections with new and old friends. Often, residents meet one-another and plan their next adventure or discuss and plan what next worthy cause they’ll become involved in. From hosting car wash fundraisers, to recently participating in an Alzheimer’s walk, our seniors know that giving to others brings joy and purpose home.

The second day, what to expect at 48 hours at Arcadia Senior Living – The Move In

After a tour of the community, review/signing of rental agreements and service options, and meeting our care team – let’s assume you’ve decided to become part of our community at Arcadia Senior Living. Congrats! We’re thrilled to have you. During this phase of the transition it can be extremely difficult to part ways with life-long cherished possessions. Moving from a large home to a one-bedroom apartment can be stressful. We recommend staying positive and instead of focusing on what you’re leaving behind, focus on what you’re taking with you. What are the items that bring you joy and remind you of the impact you’ve made in your life thus far? What are the items that have helped to shape your character and what you value? During this time, you’ll also get to meet more members of your care team and get to know residents throughout the building. A feeling of safety and security often comes to our residents once they’ve made their apartment their own.

Day Three, hitting the 72-hour mark often comes with a bonus – The burst of energy

Most of our residents report a sharp uptick in energy after they move and get settled into their space. They quickly find out how draining the daily requirements were of maintaining a large home. Arcadia takes care of the linens, laundry, housekeeping, and we prepare three nutritious and delicious meals per day (and the dishes). Plus, offer balance classes, seated weight training, and yoga/meditation to keep our resident’s bodies toned and fit. As the strain of a large home is removed and replaced with better posture and higher levels of energy, we often see our newest residents hit with a new outlook on retirement living.

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