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Resident Assessment

Our care and services team begins with an in-depth discussion with the resident, their family and care providers to create a personalized care plan and accurate cost.

Assisted Living

Our 68 apartment senior living community offers a wide variety of included services and additional services for an added costs.

Healthcare Coordination

From post-fall care, hospital and care coordination - Arcadia has you covered.

Respite (Temporary) Stays

Arcadia offers fully furnished rooms for stays between 2-4 weeks. Pricing starts at $200/day depending on care needs. Two week minimum is required.

Diabetes Care Program

Diabetes care and management are an intrinsic part of our assisted living services.

Fitness & Balance

Our group exercise room plays host to our balance program, and fitness classes like yoga/meditation, seated weights, step, and more.


Our in-house chef can create meal plans personalized for each resident's unique needs. We also have an extensive alternative menu for resident's with dietary restrictions in additional to a weekly fresh menu.


Our seniors have full access to our dining hall, bistro cafe, poker room, billiards, salon, exercise room and group classes at Arcadia Senior Living.


In most cases, our care and services team can return your care assessment in three-hours. We review medical histories, call healthcare providers to coordinate care needs, and rely on the perspectives and observations of family. After our initial assessment we follow up in 30-days to confirm we’re meeting the needed level of care. Then, we re-assess every 90-days indefinitely and report to the family or/and the healthcare team. 

Elderly woman sitting in chair with nurse nearby

Most care and service assessments are complete in three hours

Review our pre-assessment steps

Set an appointment with the Arcadia Senior Living team and do your general assisted living research

Compile your loved ones needed healthcare information and questions/concerns

Go through our questionnaire/interview process so we can confirm our care abilities meet your care needs

Review pricing, contracts, and identify primary contacts and financing plan prior to move-in. 

Assisted Living

We are an assisted living community with 68 apartments. Base rent includes these services: 

  • Equipped kitchenettes
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  • Personal laundry service 2x week
  • Chef-prepared meals in our dining room
  • All day snacks in our Bistro
  • All utilities and cable (excludes personal telephone or cellphone)
  • 24 hour care staff
  • Classes, organized games, or free use of the exercise room, billiards and poker room
  • Access to beauty and barber salon
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Events and outings 
seniors on a sunny patio

Each resident has a personalized care plan. Our monthly fees are based on rent plus care points totals. 

Care Services for An Additional Fee

Medication Management, Diabetes Care Program, and Incontinence Support.

Bed lift/bar and/or Wheel Chair. We can accommodate other other equipment needs. 


Free rides for appointments in a five mile radius on Wednesdays, first come-first serve.  Rides on alternate days and over 5 miles are subject to fee.

Health Care Coordination

Residents of Arcadia Senior Living are gaining a care and services team. We can reach out and coordinate care with family, primary care physicians or other providers. We understand that during a transition care needs can get missed or miss-communicated. We strive to have a seamless transition. We welcome unique needs and pride ourselves on our ability to personalize care plans for each resident. 

helping hand to senior using a walker
We can:

Health Care Reporting

Every 90 days we re-assess every resident to ensure we’re meeting his/her care needs and coordinate with existing healthcare providers and family members.

Every 90 days we re-assess every resident to ensure we’re meeting his/her care needs and coordinate with existing healthcare providers and family members.

The care and services team at Arcadia Senior Living compiled a four-page Assisted Living Transition Guide. This guide explains the transition of your loved into assisted living. We welcome your questions. 

Respite Stays

Our respite program allows for a short-term stay in a fully furnished assisted living apartment. Guests will receive full access to Arcadia’s programs, events (performances, happy hours), classes, activities, and excursions. They will enjoy chef-prepared meals in a restaurant style setting and be encouraged to join our balance or yoga group classes.  Respite stays range between 15 to 30 days and cost $200/day.

living room and bedroom view of the model home

Respite stays are:

Common reasons for a respite stay include:

Current caregiver needs a break, is going on vacation or recovering from surgery.

Loss of current part-time or full-time caregiver and time is needed to organize new care.

A respite stay is a great opportunity for a trial run for a loved one before committing to become a full-time resident.

A respite stay in December can be a fun-filled way for an isolated senior to enjoy the holiday season. Arcadia’s activity calendar is bursting with holiday performances, bazaars, cookie decorating and cocoa happy hours.

Diabetes Care Program

For today’s seniors, diabetes has rapidly become an epidemic. About one in four people over 60 in the U.S. has diabetes, a condition in which the body does not properly process food for use as energy. If diabetes is not adequately managed, it can lead to serious health problems, from stroke and heart disease to kidney failure, hearing loss, blindness, nerve damage, and amputation. The American Diabetes Association reports that diabetes is the nation’s seventh-leading cause of death

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of seniors have diabetes

Caring for Residents with Diabetes

The body’s ability to heal wanes with age, while the presence of age-related conditions, such as impaired vision, decreased skin elasticity, reduced mobility, and a less-active lifestyle, can work against effective disease management.

There are many seniors with diabetes are struggling with memory issues. Their insulin and medications need to be closely monitored.

We’re up-to-date on the American Diabetes Society’s recommendations for a diabetic diet and have a in-house chef able to customize meal plans for our residents.

The physical limitations that go along with aging can drastically impact their diabetes care plan. We can create a exercise routine that keeps limitations in mind.

Fitness & Balance Program

Arcadia’s residents have access to group exercises classes like seated weights, yoga & meditation, and our balance program, led by a knowledgeable staff. We’re passionate about keeping our residents active and get behind the activities our residents care about. Just last year our residents raised funds and walked for Parkinson. 

Our group exercise classes:

Our Group Classes Include:

Arcadia’s balance program takes place in our group exercise room and our staff is able to modify all exercises for each resident’s ability level.

Seated weights are an important element to a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining muscle mass helps tone seniors so they go more days strain and/or injury free.

Flexibility and mindfulness are combined in this group exercise class. All moves are modified to meet each senior’s ability.

Arcadia staff wants to hear from residents and can design activities suited to the needs of our community.


Arcadia Senior Living has a dedicated chef onsite preparing meals for residents. We are able to coordinate meals with diabetes care plans and offer a large alternative menu to ensure all residents with dietary restrictions have options at every meal. Our restaurant-style means every resident selects a table and places an order with a server – no cafeteria style eating here. 

green salad mixture featuring feta cheese and tomatoes

Events often include food at Arcadia Senior Living

Our Dining Room Offers:

Residents choose a table and a server comes to take their custom order.

Every week each resident receives a fresh menu full of seasonal options to choose from. We welcome suggestions on favorite meals to recreate in our kitchen.

Our alternative menu is a full menu by itself. We pride ourselves on offering many options for residents with dietary restrictions.

Each resident can choose to come to our dining room to enjoy a meal with neighbors and friends, or receive their meal in their room.

The Places Where Life Happens

Arcadia Senior Living balances quality care with purposeful programming and happiness-inducing activities, events and excursions. 

Arcadia's Amenities

We’re passionate about nutrition and providing the opportunity for our residents to connect over a quality meal. Special alternatives are prepared to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and allergies of residents.

In between snacks, coffee, tea, and more can be found in this fully stocked bistro space.

Our residents can coordinate their own games or join a scheduled tournament.

A professional grade pool table is available in our community.

Barbers and stylists are regular visitors to Arcadia so our residents have the opportunity to book appointments.

Our staff hosts a variety of group classes and can demonstrate exercise equipment specifically designed for seniors.